“The women at Tiger Court Reporting are awesome. They always have a court reporter available when I call. Even if one of the attorneys I work for has something come up at the last minute, the ladies at TCR go above and beyond to find a reporter to cover. They are prompt in showing up for depositions or hearings and in returning the deposition or transcript to our office. Everyone is very friendly.” - Kim Long of Clay, Kline & Young, LLC and Gerald Mueller, LLC.

“The dedication and dependability of everyone at Tiger Court Reporting never ceases to amaze me. They understand how demanding scheduling constraints can be and consistently provide top-notch reporting services.” - Kelly Joyce of The Law Firm of Haden & Haden

“I find Tiger Court Reporting to be an excellent place to conduct mediations. The staff is helpful in assisting attorneys in scheduling mediations and friendly and eager to make everyone feel comfortable and welcome when they arrive for the mediation. They have a conference room which is suitable for getting together a sizable number of participants and multiple breakout rooms which allow parties to have privacy and confidentiality during the mediation. The facilities, staff, and location aid the mediator in creating an atmosphere of impartiality which is conducive and essential to a successful mediation.” - Judge Gary Sprick